And here I am. Not much has changed.

Well, A LOT has changed in my life.

But nothing related to a career I am passionate about.

December 2013. SHE was born into our lives. Probably my single most amazing and hardest accomplishment of my life. And I am grateful for her. She challenges us every day. The happiest little light in our lives. She makes me want to do better things for us, for her.

So. Here I am.

Where do i go from here?


…and you know the rest.

I like so many things, I could go so many directions but what is going to give me the most fulfillment in my life? I would like to do them all just to see, but then I DO need to work to survive so that puts a damper on A LOT of things.

Let’s make a list of the things I think I’d love to do shall we?

  • Animal Rescue – seriously my heart is way too big for animals. It surpasses any compassion for humans, I’m terrible right? I cry at all SPCA commercials, can’t bear to read the horrible things people do to animals and wish I could do the same to them. I would love to rescue all the animals in the World if I could and show them, there are humans capable of showing them LOVE.
  • A Vet Tech – love animals but don’t think I could deal with sick/dying animals. My heart couldn’t handle it.
  • An Artist – I love art, always have. I love painting, drawing, creating on the computer. The love can be directly related to my love of geology. How can I make a living doing this?
  • A Geologist – naturally, this should be on the list. I am fascinated by all things earth related and get really heated about Global Warming lol. The kicker is, I can’t devote enough time to the schooling on this one.
  • A Volcanologist – not to be confused with a “Vulcanologist” 😉 Oh yeah, so exciting and amazingly powerful. What a rush this job would be for me.
  • A Seismologist – You know I always wanted to experience an earthquake but live on the East Coast? I did not too long ago, and I felt it in a Dickey’s BBQ of all places.  NO it wasn’t the BBQ 😉 BTW it was AMAZING. I know,  many people could care less.
  • A Travel Agent – I love to travel and this would just make sense. But again, I wouldn’t be traveling all the time and how do I deal with people wanting their vacations “just so”
  • A Baker – another thing I love to do, I got it from my Grandma. And I am good at it.  I don’t think I could make a living doing this one either, my confidence level on”making it” would tear me to pieces before I even tried.
  • A Graphic Designer – I love art, I love being on the computer and I LOVE creating things with Photoshop. This only makes sense to me right now. I’m scared of what it entails but I do think this might be (or a direction involving) what I need to be doing
  • A Web Designer – naturally follows the graphic design thing. In the days of Myspace I was all about HTML manipulation. I’m sure I could relearn it and there are probably much better things out there now.
  • A Blogger – fancy that huh? In a perfect world I would LOVE to write about things I’m creating, things that inspire me, things I am baking etc etc. I don’t have time for that. As much as I would like to think so, I’d need to be working less in order to keep content fresh.

A butcher, a Baker, a Candlestick maker… lol. Thats what this feels like. There is plenty more to add to this list but I’ll spare you for now.

I think my biggest problem is indecision. And the minute something isn’t going right, I’m quick to change directions. I’m afraid of failing, I’ve got to figure a way around that…

❤ Mrs R


So I’m gonna lay out some background, it might help in understanding where I’m going. And I don’t even know where that is but hey, you never know.

When I was young, my mom would take me to check out Dinosaur prints in Texas or to places outside full of lovely trees, wildflowers and rocks. She admires all of the beauty of the earth we live on. Naturally, she passed some of that on to me. I developed an obsession over finding geodes(see: every time we went outside. To the point where my Mom gave me a tiny hammer in which to break open all those rocks I suspected were and turned out weren’t. But she never once told me, I couldn’t do it, or wouldn’t find them. She encouraged me to find whatever rock I wanted and smash it to pieces. Thus developed my early interest in geology and earth sciences.

Somewhere along the way, as most teenagers do, I let my interest in geology go to the wayside. Granted I still thought earthquakes and volcano eruptions were about the coolest thing ever. But I was too busy doing teenager things(what a waste!! lol) It wasn’t until I got to college, did I unearth(LOL I had to) my love again for geology and earth science. I think a lot of that came from having a pretty amazing Earth Science teacher. I took all the classes he taught, including geology. We went on field trips all over, looking for fossils, learning all about the area we live in and then some. He even got to have special classes in places like Hawaii and the mid west(Arizona, Utah, Nevada) I was very privileged to be apart of those trips, thanks to my wonderful parents who never stop encouraging me. I got to see the volcanoes of Hawaii, fly over the erupting Kilauea, visit ancient waterfalls and hike amazing beaches. Again I got to go on his next trip to visit the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Arches National Park to name a few. I wouldn’t trade these memories for anything. I learned so much about the earth and myself at the time.

I loved it, but where was I going, how was I going to use it? I didn’t know, I still dont. I majored in geology at another college. I ended up only going for 2 semesters I was so miserable there. I loved geology but I felt like not enough. Besides, the area I went to school in, there was nothing to excite me there.I convinced myself geology wasn’t something I should work for.

So I came back home. Found a really exciting job chasing shoplifters. It was enough to hold me over for a while. Chased boys who weren’t men. Stupidly, but now I know. I tried taking classes again, this time, Art.

You’ll notice a recurring theme here, as this is only one part of my story.

Mrs. R

The purpose of this blog is to help me discover(I hope) the direction my career is headed. No not dead end, but really finding my way to a job I truly love. The fact is, I’ve been searching all of my life to find my way. I’m not even sure where to look, I like so many things. Through years(10+ off and on, parttime/full) of schooling, I never even got a Bachelor’s. For the amount of schooling I do have, I should have one. Instead I have two Associate’s. Which is all well and good if I actually utilized them, but I haven’t. One is in Liberal Arts Humanities, mainly focused on earth sciences. The other, Commercial Art, which I now have a good feeling that I SHOULD have been paying more attention to that one. But hey, I was a dumb kid who thought finding the love of my life was more important than figuring out some dumb career. How wrong I was. While I have found the most amazing man, I should have also been giving myself more attention than I had. And really, it took Him, to make me realize that.

So here I am, stuck in some sort of career purgatory, trying to figure out my next move…

Mrs R.